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Hello - My Name's Dasher

Age: 10 years old
Sex: Male
Size: 26-30 Pounds
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
CCRID#: 1410
Just the Facts
4/3/2016-mama Amy loves you so much.,,

Update 2/13/2016: Dasher's glaucoma was no longer being managed by his medication. We decided to have his eyes removed so he would be more comfortable as glaucoma can be painful. He doesn't notice any difference - actually seems to be happier. And, he is still super handsome - even kept his "dashing" tan eyebrows! /Amy

Update 5/19/2015: Over the last year, glaucoma has left Dasher virtually blind. His vision changes happened so gradually that he has adjusted VERY well and you would hardly notice any limitations. And, as his eye sight has diminished his anxiety has lessened. He has been doing much much better meeting people in public! / Amy

Update 2/16/14 - Dasher's foster mom has tried Benadryl before taking him to "social" events and this seemed to calm him to the point that he was seeking human attention!!!! He loves other dogs and will seek them out. Dasher will need continued eye evaluations at OSU to ensure his cataracts, pressures and general eye health remains good. / barb

,p>Update 12/20/13: Dasher had cataract surgery performed at OSU Animal Hospital a few months ago and now has sight - barking is still an issue as he now sees what he had been "sensing" before. Trusting his humans might be an issue with his barking behavior. Only adopters familiar with socialization techniques for puppy mill dogs will be considered. He has come a long way but is still very fearful of new situations & will retreat and bark. Dasher's adoption fee is $200.00.

11/21/11: Dasher is one of 8 cockers who arrived from Memphis, Tennessee in horrible condition. He came from a breeder surrender.

Update from foster Mom: Dasher is a very handsome & very sweet boy! He has adjusted well to living with my 3 other cocker spaniels and a cat. He isn’t hyper and he doesn’t play with toys. He likes to just lay around the house ~ dog bed, floor, couch, wherever. When I let him roam outside on my deck, he is very alert watching and looking at everything around him. Unfortunately, he was isolated in his past life and scares easily ~ people or strange noises usually. And, when he is scared he barks and retreats. I am working on this with him but it is a slow process. The funny thing is that even though he is fearful, he loves to go out - either out the front door on a walk or for a car ride. Does Dasher sound like the cocker boy you have been looking for? Stop by and meet Dasher at Mingle with our Mutts every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the Month at Franklin County Dog shelter.

More About Me
Shots: Current on Shots
Altered: Neutered
Housetraining: Housetrained
Crate Training: Crate Trained
Special Needs: Dry eye & Glaucoma that will require daily medication. Cataract rechecks at OSU.
Things You Should Know
Fenced Yard: Fenced Yard Recommended
Children: No Children Under 12 Please
Other Dogs: I get along with other Dogs
Cats: Cats are my friends!
I May Be A Courtesy Listing, which means the nice people at Columbus Cocker are helping my owner find a new home for me.
If contact information is listed below, please contact them directly



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