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Cocker Spaniel
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Cherry Eyes
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No children under 12, please
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Additional Details

3/8/2020 moved JB to Permanent foster with Christine Johnson & Rob
4/10/17 JB is not for the inexperienced cocker owner. He does not allow new people to stand over him or try to pet him without growling and/or lunging. Most of this is out of fear but we will not consider anyone with children either living in the home or coming to visit nor would he be a fit for a busy “visitor” household. Much training for the family would be needed to ensure he’s not put in danger of biting or that someone would inadvertently be taken off guard. Once he’s comfortable with someone, he seems to seek attention and want in your lap. Only experienced owners (folks who have had multiple cockers with behavior/temperament issues) will be considered./barb
2/9/17 JB was examined and while he growled and had to be muzzled, his exam was normal. He appears to not like his face/mouth touched by the vet. We were able to pet his head and gently run our hands over his eyes without any reaction. He is very treat motivated so this will help to build his trust. He has moved to a foster home who is experienced with cockers with trust issues (Chis J.). Chris will update his bio in a week or so. Kids and cats are still limited to non-existent for him. Please complete an online application if you think JB should join your family./barb
1/14/17 John Boy has moved to a foster home closer to us where he is said to be doing well. He is very mistrusting when first meeting people but warms quickly if introduced slowly. Very treat motivated!!!! He has severe cherry eyes which will be repaired once he’s in the Columbus area. So far, he’s doing okay with the foster’s dogs. Because of his diminished vision and fearful nature, children are NOT recommended. He chases cats so they too are not recommended :-(. If you think he might be a fit for your family, please complete an online application./barb
1/3/2017 – pulled from a Georgia shelter as a stray. Estimated age 6-7 years old. More to come.
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